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I’m done with the Eric Andre show this dude said, “come on girl, you know you can get my dick on swoll, even when it don’t wanna do shit” hahaha 😂

Got my haircut today!

Got my haircut today!

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"The idea of me is great
the result of me otherwise
Opposing losing options, I’d rather choose than decide
Get high and take a ride wake up on the other side
Mary Janes who I rely on when she text me I reply”…



Torey PudwillF/S Pop Shuvit


Torey Pudwill
F/S Pop Shuvit

Time I start getting things figured out.
School starts Monday, no housing except my household. I need a dorm room. Shits been stressing me out for weeks.

Everyday is another opportunity to be stronger than you were the day before.